About This

Ni Hao! That means ‘hello’ in Chinese, which is the where I’m living right now (in China, not in Chinese you idiots).

Anyways, I live in Shanghai with my friend (who is also my girlfriend) named Becca. I guess you should just look at the comics for the real ‘about’ for cryin out loud. If you figure out how to subscribe to the blog, then you’ll get an email in your email box telling you when I post a new comic!

Right now it takes me a long time to make even a little comic, because I have to figure out what it is and then draw it with pencils and then go over it with ink and then give it to Becca who takes it to work and scans it with her office scanner (but she gets nervous about that because she’s probably not supposed to) and then emails it to me and then I put it in this really great free image editing software called Inkscape which I’m learning how to use, then I edit it and put it online! So if you get worried that there’s not been a comic for a while, just take your horses and hold them tight.

Okay! That’s it! Love you!



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